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We at Casa Del Paca have decided to do our part to help save the environment. We are currently running our entire farm on solar and we do not use any chemicals on our farm.

Our 36 rolling acres is home to every color of huacaya alpaca. We offer full Peruvians, full Accoyos, Full Chileans and blends that showcase the best of each country of origin.

We are one of the first farms in the United States that operates our alpaca farm solely on solar arrays and we price our alpacas based upon the income that they can provide your farm. Alpaca fiber is going to be the wave of the future!

We specialize in helping existing and new farms find animals that will fit their needs.

Jesse James
Our Grace and Loralie

Max and Silver Anniversary

Sweet Isabella

We are quickly becoming Missouri's #1 producer of silver and rose grey alpacas!

We have been in love with alpacas for a number of years before we decided to make the leap of faith and start our own huacaya alpaca farm. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made! We purchased a farm based on what we thought we needed to own and operate an alpaca farm and we improve upon it every year. Currently we have a 3500 sf barn and a 9500 sf barn that our alpacas call home. It's designed to allow segregation for the males, yearling males, open females, pregnant females and the nursery. We do not use chemicals on our farm and have eliminated our carbon footprint by running our entire farm on solar energy.

We have helped start many alpaca farms in the United States and it has provided us with the satisfaction of helping people achieve their dreams of owning these wonderful animals and providing these farms with 24/7 assistance. Along the way we have made friends that have become as close as family. Our goal is to enlarge our family so take a look at our alpacas and let me know if you would like to come by and visit. We only sell to farms and/or individuals that can offer a good environment for the alpacas and only to people that love animals.

Our alpacas have a broad range of prices. Most of the alpacas are priced based on what they can provide for your farm whether it be fiber and/or breeding. We believe that alpacas can be a profitable business and we assist our new alpaca buyers in any way that we can. Our breedings are based on conformation, density, micron count, crimp, teeth, no genetic defects, etc..... We want alpacas that can win 1st place in a show but still carry that micron count for years to come. Our prices are based on what our alpacas can generate for your farm because the better your profit margins are then we have better odds that you will buy more fom us
Our crias, both current and future, are the result of hundreds of hours of research on each animal. We breed based on heritage, color, fiber quality, personality, bite and appearance. All of our alpacas are healthy and handled daily. We have our animals professionally sheared once a year and we utilize every ounce of fiber. Only the blankets are used for our yarns and rovings and the remainder is used for rug yarn, felting, weaving, etc...
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We work with farms in ordering to provide a lay-a-way program.